1. luvconnor:

    I’m still not entirely sure how Connor managed to survive Series 3 

  2. Looks like Andrew and Mariama are going to make it official. Congratulations to them both on their engagement. May you have a wonderful life together.

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    Andrew-Lee Potts ~ William Greg ~ ‘The Mill’ S2E1

  4. luvconnor:

    Your face Sir [x]


  5. crystalmoon222:

    Brief interview with Andrew about The Mill.:)

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  6. luvconnor:

    "All he needs now is his own airline. You know, with a drug trolley comin’ round, gettin’ everyone high before the take off. ‘Crack Air. We take you higher’."

    Oh the black shirt. I love that shirt. :)

  7. and if you don’t hear Hatter’s voice in your head while reading this, you’re doing it wrong. :)

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  8. So who is going to MCM Comic Con in Manchester to see Andrew??? We’d love to see your pics and share your stories. Andrew will be at the Con tomorrow and Sunday. For photo op times, please check out the showguide. There’s also a nice little article on Primeval in there.

  9. Flashback Friday: It was 4 years ago today that Andrew posted this wonderful shot jumping in front of the Universal sign at Universal Studios Orlando, Florida. My how time flies.

  10. luvconnor:

    "You know, I’ve never really hurt anyone but in that instance I’d have blown his head right off his shoulders."

    Tom-Tom ~ ‘By Any Means’ ~ Episode 5

    I’m beginning to think it’s time for a BAM rewatch. :)

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    You just keep telling yourself that………

    cue the tongue….

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  12. redhotfool said: i would like to personally thank you for bringing the phrase "the chipmunk of sex" into my life, because it literally could not be more perfect or accurate re: andrew lee potts, the dummy



    sorry, what did you say? I was staring at the half naked Connor in the bed. :)

  13. crystalmoon222:

    Here’s the DVD cover art for The Mill. I’m glad to see Andrew’s on the cover. :)

    Me too. :)

  14. If you’re heading to Manchester this weekend for the MCM Comic Con, Andrew and Hannah’s professional photoshoots are scheduled quite early in the day (11:30 on Saturday and 11:00 on Sunday) The photos are £20 “per guest”, and it looks like there’ll be the opportunity for a joint photoshoot with both of them if you wish.

    It looks like they’ll be signing autographs for the rest of the time, taking breaks of course (and from past experience, if you miss the professional photos or can’t afford them, both Andrew and Hannah are happy to have quick photos at the autograph table as long as the queues aren’t too busy) ~via Primeval ARCadians on fb

  15. luvconnor:

    "I hate being beaten, especially by an old bird."

    Tom-Tom ~ “By Any Means’ ~ Episode 4

    Tom tom is such a cross of Connor and Toby. It’s like they got together and had a baby or somfin. ;)