1. Let’s talk about that first gif now shall we?

    How long do you think Andrew worked on that little manoeuvre? 

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  2. the-rower-damnit said: Okay, can you fill me in on what happened to andrew and hannah? Who did he marry? Who on earth is the new girl? What is she like? Hows hannah doing? I dont really have anything to keep me updated so your wedding posts were a shock. Just wondering????


    All I know about Andrew and Hannah is that in November of last year they both tweeted that they had decided to go their separate ways in early 2013. They thanked their fans for all of their support over the years and that is all that was said on the matter.

    As for  Hannah I assume she is fine. The last I heard, summer of last year she had a new beau. If they are still together I have no idea as I don’t follow Hannah as closely as I do Andrew ;)

    Andrew’s wife is Mariama Goodman aka Mrs. Potts ;)


    They met in July of last year at The Infinity Gate part in London. All I know about her is she was a singer with the Girl  Group The Honeyz. When the group broke up in 2002 (?) Mariama decided to go back to school and became a Midwife. She did tour with the Honeyz recently with The Big Reunion tour last year.

    I follow her on twitter and she seems very nice and shares the same sort of goofy sense of humor as her husband :) She’s in the Links Vlog 10 along with Andrew and the guys


    Best of all she makes our favorite lad very, very happy :)


    spot on answer and the only thing I’d add is that if you’d like regular updates on Hannah, hannahspearritt.net (she’s on fb and twitter as well if you like) is the go to source for all things Hannah. Saara(the page mod) is quite a lovely person and she also runs the Primeval-Fans.net site as well. We talk regularly and share info too. She actually helped me with set up of the Andrew-LeePotts.net site and frequently pops in to help me with maintenance. 

    Mr & Mrs. Potts make each other happy. That’s all that really matters and all I really care about. 

  3. What a bunch of dorks. Aren’t they great?
    Love these. ;)

  4. A few wedding day pics. Courtesy of Matt Noble.
    Someone looks happy. ;)


  5. Going to the chapel ….

    …and they’re gonna get married.

    Tomorrow!! 20/8/2014

  6. "I think this was Keychain doing Blue Steel, either that or we’re all very confused about something." ~Alex Moss


  7. Things ALP fans say…


    brb watching every show with Andrew Lee Potts ever.

  8. luvconnor:

    Andrew-Lee Potts ~ William Greg ~ ‘The Mill’ S2E5

  9. crystalmoon222:

    Tweeted by Alex Max—cute picture.

    Today is sponsored by and heres why. Rogues and Vagabonds.


  10. spiritofthecelticwolf:




    Have you ever noticed the ‘Love is an Open Door’ battle on YT where people sing the song from frozen??
    Watch this


    but these guys where lip syncing so ppl got pissed and then 


    but it gets better




    much better





    Then there’s Andrew and Tony in all their dorky adorableness :’D

    And having Olaf in the background beats all.


    hand heart ftw! :)

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  12. Pottsy’s stag do. Keychain Productions style.

  13. So it begins
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  14. According to Max(Wrottesley) on twitter, it looks like the gents will be out and about celebrating Andrew’s stag tomorrow(Sat 16/8/2014) night. That can only mean one thing. The wedding will be happening most likely on Sunday.(this has not been confirmed as it’s none of my business and not the sort of thing I ask)

     I’m very happy for both Andrew and Mariama and wish them all the happiness in the world.