1. luvconnor:

    Andrew-Lee Potts ~ Rafael Sorvino ~ ‘High Speed’ 2002

  2. (x)

  3. worldofababykangaroo:

    Andrew Lee Potts left this at the table we were sitting at.

    I’m fairly certain that car started out as a penis. :) or maybe just ended up as one?? LOL

    Thanks worldofababykangaroo for sharing.


  4. worldofababykangaroo said: I met Andrew yesterday at Howl at the moon... He really likes ninja turtles

    That’s great. A rare treat as he’s hardly ever in the states…and yes he does love the TMNT. Very Much. :)

    He’s also rather fond of Spiderman, ThunderCats and unicorns.

  5. "Honeymoons rock" (x)

  6. 'got a little wet on the Jurrasic Park ride'

  7. Had sooo much fun yesterday with @mariamagoodman

  8. luvconnor:

    Wishing a very happy birthday to the lovely pottsfanatic :) Hope you had a wonderful day my dear! 

    Thanks my dear. I did have an amazing day. Mostly due to wonderful wishes from people like you. I couldn’t have hoped for a better day. <3 I love the graphic. Absolutely wonderful of you to think of me. xx

  9. Goodbye Vegas, sooooooo much fun. LA here we come!! jason mraz tonight with the wife &

  10. glofigs:

    Pottsfantic Giveaway!!!! Are you a big Andrew Lee Potts fan? Do you like Dinos? Action? Adventure? Comedy and even a little romance? Then this is the tv series for you!

    The rules are simple:
    A. You must be following me
    B. if you win you must inbox me your address within 3 days.
    C. The winner will be picked randomly
    D. The winner will be announced on September 13th
    E. Inbox must be open

    One last rule: no Inboxing me your sob stories. I don’t want to hear them.

    One last thing: if you don’t win, don’t despair. I will be doing a lot more giveaways in the future.

    Good luck everyone

  11. crystalmoon222:

    Another honeymoon picture from Andrew. That’s him below the giant lady. :)

    @andrewleepotts: Sorry love, I like my ladies a little more petite ;)

    Naughty boy. ^_^

  12. "Goodbye mustang number 1, thanks for getting us to Vegas!! Now time for mustang number 2 :)" ~pottsy on twitter

  13. "Arrived at our last Vegas Hotel The Cosmopolitan! Boom! Fun will ensue with @ xx” ~Andrew on twitter

  14. "THE BIZ! @ @" ~via Andrew on twitter

  15. Thank you dear just-a-card. There wasn’t nearly enough Hatter on my dash. :)

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