1. Get to know me meme: [5/5] Favourite relationships

    Connor Temple & Nick Cutter (Primeval)


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  2. I love his little scoot across the bed. ;)

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  3. luvconnor:

    The Fingerless Gloves

    definitely worth another reblog. :) Cause, you know… hand porn. 

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  4. Andrew & Mariama - Social Media Selfies 3/3

  5. Andrew & Mariama - Social Media Selfies 2/3

  6. Andrew & Mariama - Social Media Selfies 1/3

  7. Andrew and Mariama at Collette Jarvis’ (O’Connor)  wedding.

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  8. theheroheart:

    Syfy’s Alice, 2009
    Hatter is tortured by Mad March, Doctor Dee and Doctor Dum.

    Love the blue hue.

  9. It’s selfie time again. Go show Andrew ya face.
    "Meet Jacob Crow. Wireless selfie ;-) ur turn…" (via Andrew on fb)
  10. connortemplefan:

    A belated congratulations to Andrew Lee Potts and Mariama Goodman on their engagement! :)

    very cute!

  11. luvconnor:

    Andrew-Lee Potts ~ ‘The Mill’ S2E2

    and now some movement to go with those caps. :)

  12. just a few screencaps from tonight’s episode of The Mill.


  13. The Pottsy(fandom) Quiz

    All right? Think you know Andrew Lee Potts? How about his roles? Quirky fandom stuff too? Take the quiz below and see how you do.

    1. When was Andrew born? Where?

    2. Hyphen or no hyphen? Give your reason why.

    3. What’s Andrew’s favourite type car?

    4. What breed of dog is Stanley?

    5. How long has Pottsy known Matt Noble?

    6. First and Last name of Andrew’s character in Avalanche.

    7. Finish this phrase: Red trousers of __________.

    8. The name of Andrew’s upcoming web series is?

    9. What was the name of Andrew (and Hannah’s) cat?

    10. Finish this phrase: Badass Cretaceous ___________.

    11. Andrew worked with one of his idols on Dead Fish. Who was it?

    12. What was the name of the band Andrew’s character(Jimmy Bart) belonged to in Absolute Power: Mr Fox?

    13. In A Passionate Woman, what football team did Andrew’s character root for?

    14. Finish this sentence: ‘It kinda hurts, you know… _____ ______.

    15. Lee and Jason aka ________ _________.

    16. In The Poet, what is Andrew’s character’s profession?

    17. In By Any Means, why was Tom Tom working with the team?

    18. Andrew and Max(Wrottesley) worked together when they were much younger, name the show they worked on together.

    19. Finish this sentence: Abby Maitland’s love shack…

    20. What was the first short film released (not produced) by Keychain Productions?

    Don’t worry, there will be more quizzes coming soon.

  14. Another wonderful work of art from the brilliant Erin Allen. This time it’s ‘The Usual Suspects’.


  15. Things ALP Fans say…


    Just looking at pics of Andrew-Lee Potts from Manchester comic con today. What is it about him in a white top that makes me go a bit funny *swoon* ;-)