1. Primeval Books


    Have you red those books ? And if yes, which one is your favorite ?

    Yes. Read I’ve read them all. Fire and Water is my fave but they each have their own cool moments.

  2. luvconnor:

    Joey ~ ‘Twisted Tales: Flat Four’ 2005


  3. crystalmoon222:

    Andrew posted a couple more pics of when he and Mariama went to see the Breeders play last night.

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  4. luvconnor:


    So I re-watched Syfy’s Alice


    And guys its happened again, THE ADDICTION IS BACK


    Does it ever really leave?

    It never leaves….not even after more than 10 years. ;)

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  5. "1 month ago today I was lucky enough to marry the nicest person I have ever met. @mariamagoodman u are beautiful xx"

  6. "Super lovely to see @CaptainPooper & @Angela_Griffin in @BreedersPlay last night.Very funny play.Go see it! (Please)." Via Andrew on twitter

  7. Hatter’s Super Punch

    There’s a whole story here about how Hatter got his ‘sledgehammer’ arm and his brother became Mad March…we just need Syfy to make the prequel. ;) #wonderland

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  8. New and improved! Andrew-LeePotts.net


  9. Looking for all the news that is the news on @andrewleepotts? Look no further than our newly redesigned website.

  10. luvconnor:

    The ALP Monday Picture! A little Pottsy love to jump start your week. This weeks pics are dedicated to the behind the scenes of Keychain Productions. Enjoy!



  11. nitlon:


    Aren’t we all? ;)

  13. Mr & Mrs. Potts. Aren’t they lovely?
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  14. awomaninvisible:

    Andrew Lee Potts — Mr. Blue Sky (Andrew the Human Antidepressant) - a fanvid by talea100

    I will always reblog texty’s creations. ;) xx

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  15. Andrew, Justin Salinger, Fraser Ayres, and Stephanie Leonidas recorded some ADR for his upcoming episode of Midsomer Murders. According to his agent at United Agents, Andrew will be playing a character named Gideon Latimer.
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