1. POST #2,600!!!

    Wow…that’s a lot of posts. Hope you all have enjoyed them as much as I have. Now a request….Please remember to be considerate of our Andrew as well as the other Primeval folk(or any actor for that matter). They are doing a job they love but that doesn’t give us the right to invade their privacy. ‘Friending’ someone on FB just to have access to a celeb’s private page is not only deplorable, it’s just icky stalkerish. Yes, it’s sometimes hard to tell a personal pic from one that’s been posted by the actor for the public(I’ve done it too), but if you knowingly got said pic through nefarious means, you are NOT a fan and you’re giving the rest of us a bad name! I don’t generally speak on matters like this, but I feel you should all know where I stand on the issue and if you choose to unfollow, I’ll understand. Please realise though, if I find out one of my followers is posting private pics, or using fb in the manner mentioned above, I’ll not only block you, I’ll report you.  

    Now that we’ve got the nasty business out of the way, I think I’ll post some of my favourite pics of our Andrew today. Happy New Year!

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  16. darkhorse99 said: Egads! What happened now? I saw that Olivia Poulet’s youtube had been hacked and that video wasn’t supposed to be public. Is this more of the same? #Fanfail
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