1. Sad news my friends. Word has come down that Space Channel has not, I repeat NOT recommissioned Primeval New World. So it looks like we’ll never find out what was changed. :( 

    Please feel free to contact Space and voice your opinions. But remember to be respectful. 


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  8. gilove2dance said: Ok, the biggest issue is this…NO ONE IN CANADA KNOWS ABOUT THE SPACE CHANNEL! Seriously, I know hard core scifi fans and they didn’t know there was a canadian scifi channel…makes me sad :(
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    Primeval is now over, practically speaking. Dammit. I still hold out hope for a couple of novels (and hell, I’d even...
  18. randombloodyrubbish said: man! that is such BS! i hate when they do that! they could at least end it not just cliff it!
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