1. Looks like the results for the Little Links competition are in. Congratulations to the following for winning the top prizes. There’s one contest left, good luck to everyone and hopefully we’ll hear something soon.

    For the Little Links picture contest, congratulations to Erin Allen. She sent in several pics so we’ll have to wait and see which was the winner. 

    For the Monitor review, Leith Macdonald took top honours for her review of the short film. Spot on and brilliantly done! Here’s her review.

    Monitor, the latest short film from Keychain Productions, does what all the best and most memorable horror films do - it builds suspense and provides the frights without resorting to buckets of blood, dodgy special effects or cliched dialogue. You will be intrigued - and you will want to see more! Like Keychain’s earlier movie Bubblewrapped, Monitor is a very stylish piece of film-making achieved on a near-zero budget. Director Andrew Lee Potts has a great talent for using light and colour in unconventional ways. You wouldn’t expect a palette of baby blue, candy pink, orange and peppermint to work in this genre, but the odd shades are beautifully combined with the lighting to create a sense of unease that adds hugely to the suspense.

    Monitor doesn’t have a lot of dialogue, and what it does have is used effectively and in the right places, to hint at the central mystery of the story without giving too much away. The small cast makes the most of their roles and Laura Carter as The Babysitter is entirely convincing playing a bored teenager who gradually becomes aware that something is very, VERY wrong.

    If you watch this movie I suggest you do it in daylight - especially if you are a parent or have ever been a babysitter. Then be prepared to watch it again, and again, as you study the ending and reach your own conclusions about just what is going on in this house. Then join me in crossing your fingers and hoping for a sequel!

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