1. Connor Temple Fan Challenge - Day One

    Favourite Series Connor

    I think Primeval New World Connor is my favourite because he’s become the team leader. He’s basically stepped into Nick’s shoes and fulfilled a destiny he’d been set on course for ever since that day he first showed Cutter the article about the Forest of Dean. I mean, think about it, it was Connor who started the whole journey. It’s only fitting he should be the one that ends up as the leader. Not to mention, he’s more mature, (spoiler stuff regarding Abby that I won’t say cause some people still haven’t seen it), and he’s responsible for most of the good and the bad that have happened along the way (creation of ADD, Anomaly locker, almost destroying the world). So it was really Connor’s journey all along…there were just some dinos thrown in for good measure.

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    While I don’t agree that PNW’s Connor is my fave (him being the leader and all IS badass though) if only because he was...
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